1-Day Pass Sales Site
Terms of Use

DOCOMO BIKESHARE, INC. (hereinafter "DOCOMO BIKESHARE") has established these "1-Day Pass Sales Site Terms of Use" (hereinafter "Terms of Use"), and provides the "1-Day Pass Sales Service" (hereinafter the "Service") in accordance with these Terms of Use.

Article 1. 	Application of Agreement
1.	The Terms of Use apply to all relations the User has with DOCOMO BIKESHARE in regard to use of the Service. The User must agree to these Terms of Use to use the Service.
2.	DOCOMO BIKESHARE may amend the Terms of Use without prior notice, and the User shall confirm details of the Terms of Use on each occasion. When the Terms of Use are amended, the Terms of Use after amendment will apply.

Article 2. 	Establishing the User Environment
To use the Service, the User will prepare the user environment including the Internet environment, hardware and software, etc. at the User's responsibility and expense. DOCOMO BIKESHARE will assume no responsibility if the Service fails to operate properly due to the user environment.

Article 3. 	Products on Offer
The products available for the User to purchase through the Service are as follows:
(1)	Bicycle Sharing Service 1-Day Pass provided by DOCOMO BIKESHARE 
(2)	Bicycle Sharing Service 1-Day Pass provided by an operator other than DOCOMO BIKESHARE (limited to operators that outsource their sales to DOCOMO BIKESHARE)

Article 4. 	Establishment of a Purchase Agreement
1.	The User shall establish a Purchase Agreement by applying to make a purchase in accordance with the prescribed procedures and completing the application procedures.
2.	After the establishment of a Purchase Agreement, DOCOMO BIKESHARE will send to the email address entered by the User a supplementary email confirming the purchase. If for some reason the email address has been entered incorrectly or contains corrupt characters, etc. that make it illegible, or if there is any other fault with the application details and email cannot be sent or is not delivered due to reasons such as non-delivery, incorrect delivery, delayed delivery, or rejection of receipt, DOCOMO BIKESHARE will not accept any responsibility for the establishment of the Purchase Agreement. 

Article 5. 	Payment of Charges
The User shall pay the price of the 1-day pass the User purchases by the method specified by DOCOMO BIKESHARE.

Article 6. 	Delivery of the Product
1.	When the Purchase Agreement prescribed in Article 4-1 is established, DOCOMO BIKESHARE shall notify the User in a manner DOCOMO BIKESHARE deems appropriate of the bicycle unlocking code associated with the 1-day pass purchased. Upon providing such notification, DOCOMO BIKESHARE shall have completed delivery of the purchased product.
2.	The User shall appropriately manage the bicycle unlocking code for which the User received notification in accordance with the Terms of Use specified by the operator providing the Bicycle Sharing Service.

Article 7. 	Personal Information
1.	In providing the Service, DOCOMO BIKESHARE will use the personal information it obtains from the User for the purposes stated in the Privacy Policy (https://www.d-bikeshare.com/policy/) provided separately by DOCOMO BIKESHARE within the scope necessary to achieve those purposes. 
(If DOCOMO BIKESHARE changes the above website address, it will be the website after the change.)
2.	DOCOMO BIKESHARE may provide to or jointly use with third parties the personal information it obtains from the User within the scope prescribed in the Privacy Policy stated in the preceding paragraph.

Article 8. 	Return of Goods
The return and cancellation of the 1-day pass specified in Article 3-2 shall be handled in accordance with the Terms of Use Concerning the Bicycle Sharing Service prescribed separately by DOCOMO BIKESHARE.

Article 9. 	Special Provisions for Outsourced Sales
1.	If the User purchases a 1-day pass specified in Article 3-2, that provider shall assume responsibility for the use of the Bicycle Sharing Service, and DOCOMO BIKESHARE shall not bear any responsibility.
2.	DOCOMO BIKESHARE cannot accept any returns or refunds for the 1-day pass specified in Article 3-2. In the case of a bicycle breakdown or other mishap, please contact the Bicycle Sharing Service provider concerned.

Article 10. 	Denial of Use
A User who commits acts that cause inconvenience or disadvantage to a third party, acts that interfere or may interfere with DOCOMO BIKESHARE's service, prohibited acts specified in the following article, or other acts that DOCOMO BIKESHARE deems inappropriate may be denied use of the Service.

Article 11. 	Prohibited Matters
The User shall not engage in the acts stated below when using the Service. If the user is found to engage in any of the acts stated below, DOCOMO BIKESHARE or the provider of the Bicycle Sharing Service may at its discretion render invalid a 1-day pass already purchased by the User, and may not agree to refund the purchase price, or may not allow use of the Bicycle Sharing Service.
(1)	Acts that infringe or may infringe on copyrights, trademarks, property rights, privacy, portrait rights, reputation, trust or other rights of a third party or DOCOMO BIKESHARE, 
(2)	Acts that cause or may cause disadvantage or damages to a third party or DOCOMO BIKESHARE,
(3)	Acts of defamation or slander of another user, third party or DOCOMO BIKESHARE,
(4)	Acts that contravene or may contravene public order and morals, or the provision of information that contravenes public order and morals to another member or third party,
(5)	Criminal acts, or acts that are closely connected or may be closely connected with criminal acts,  
(6)	Acts conducted via the Service or in relation to the Service aimed at profit or the preparation thereof, without the consent of DOCOMO BIKESHARE,
(7)	Acts that hinder the smooth operation of the Service, or other acts that may cause interference with the Service, 
(8)	The use or provision of harmful programs including computer viruses via the Service or in relation the Service,
(9)	The use of software that generates automatic input, etc., and other acts that attempt to use the Service by means of a method different from the regular method, which DOCOMO BIKESHARE deems inappropriate,
(10)	Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks connected to the Service,
(11)	Acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations,
(12)	The act of reselling or providing to a third party for resale for a profit a 1-day pass purchased from DOCOMO BIKESHARE,
(13)	The act of reselling or attempting to resell a 1-day pass at a price higher than the purchase price from DOCOMO BIKESHARE, or the act of reselling or attempting to resell a 1-day pass at an auction or Internet auction, or
(14)	Other acts that DOCOMO BIKESHARE deems inappropriate

Article 12. 	Copyrights
The User may not use information or files provided through the Service in any way beyond the scope of personal use permitted under the Copyright Act without the permission of the rights holder. 

Article 13. 	Suspension, Interruption or Alteration of Service
1.	DOCOMO BIKESHARE may suspend, interrupt, alter, stop, abolish, or delay the operation of the Service when any of the following applies:
(1)	When maintenance of the Service system is conducted either routinely or urgently, 
(2)	When the service cannot be provided as usual due to war, riot, disturbance, labor dispute, earthquake, eruption, flood, tsunami, fire, power outage or other emergency,
(3)	When there is a service suspension, interruption or change of telecommunications carrier, etc., or
(4)	When DOCOMO BIKESHARE deems other temporary interruption necessary for the operation of the Service.
2.	DOCOMO BIKESHARE shall not assume any responsibility toward the User for the suspension, interruption, amendment, cessation or abolition of the Service, or delay in the Service under the preceding paragraph.

Article 14. 	Disclaimer
1.	Unless otherwise prescribed in these Terms of Use, DOCOMO BIKESHARE shall not be liable for compensation for damages caused to the User arising from the Service in excess of the payment received by DOCOMO BIKESHARE from the User; provided, however, that this shall not apply when such damages are due to the intent or gross negligence of DOCOMO BIKESHARE.
2.	DOCOMO BIKESHARE shall not be liable for damages caused to the User or a third party if the confirmation of a 1-day pass purchase application or the success or failure of a purchase thereof, or notification thereof is significantly delayed or is not possible due to congestion in communication lines or an unforeseen mishap in the computer system, etc. 
3.	Any and all use of the Service is at the responsibility of the User. Use of the Service by minors shall be with the consent and at the responsibility of a person with parental authority or other legal representative.

Article 15. 	Amendment of the Service
DOCOMO BIKESHARE may alter either the system and/or content in the operation of the Service without the need to give prior notice when DOCOMO BIKESHARE deems there to be a need to do so.

Article 16. 	Assignment of Rights, etc.
The User may not assign or provide as security to a third party or have a third party succeed to, either in whole or in part, the rights and obligations the User bears toward DOCOMO BIKESHARE under these Terms of Use.

Article 17. 	Agreed Jurisdiction
Both the User and DOCOMO BIKESHARE agree that the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of jurisdiction if the need for any action between the parties arises in relation to the Service. 

Article 18. 	Governing Law
The establishment, efficacy, interpretation and performance of these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Supplementary Provision
These Terms of Use shall become effective on October 4, 2019.